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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Come Back!

I know it's been likes ages that i havent been writing anything.. or to be exact it's only been a month.. No no I haven't been seeing an psychologist to cover the damages of my psychology that seeing one of the most beautiful women alive, Alessandra Ambrosio had caused.. but it could have been possible.. noo just kidding, i like her very much ;)

Anyway now that the World Championship is over and i have taken 2 weeks of lazy time I thought it would be nice to go back to reality and keep up with the old stuff.. needless to say i missed writing very much.. so here's a little come back from me.. which I did by using the Adobe Illustrator.. This was a photo of me taken 2 years ago and all i had to do is to put some strokes and color to make it look like a cartoon.. I also kept my dress the way it is in the original picture.. and also the bracelets and the watch.. so this illustration of me is a mix of illustrator strokes and original photo.. If you want to try it I strongly recommend you work with using the layers and naming them.. Saves so much time!

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