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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Retroaction Affair Women's Smart Casual Urban Wear Sketches!

Riverbank Men's Urban Casual Wear

Here are some sketches from our  'Riverbank Rouge'  Men's Urban Casual Wear Collection.. It's smart it's preppy and neat! Here comes the men of Riverbank Rouge!  :)

Love Colorful Doodles!!!

I loooovee making doodles! I used to them in high school during the lessons.. Back then I thought they were only some meaningless drawings.. Not that I think they make a lot of sense right now but at least I learned they have a name in sense of art.. A lot of meaningless strokes and shapes plus a bit of vivid color.. That's just me!  :)))

Women's Retro Urban Wear

Here are the 6 sketches from Women's Smart Casual Urban Wear SS'12 Collection.. I love making illustrations but I guess I  love making collage better.. With some retro items and and retro colors and bokeh effect brushes, here are my retro backgrounds.. Generally I try to take a specific item in my designs which I use in all of them to make them kinda follow each other.. And here, it's sweet little cats :) Enjoy ;)

Children Project

Here's our Cinematic Children City Wear SS'12 project! My theme included a lot of vivid and retro colors combined together and I took retro Mickey Mouses for my common theme element.. This work includes handwork, photoshop and illustrator..